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Rack and Reel

Single Jacket

Physical Properties
Hose Size Part # Coupling Bowl Size Weight per 50' foot uncpld. Working Pressure Test Pressure
1-1/2" RR15-500 1-11/16" 6 lbs 250 PSI 500 PSI
2-1/2" RR25-500 2-11/16" 10 lbs 250 PSI 500 PSI

All polyester single jacket fire hose specifically designed for interior fire fighting use, pin racks, and/or fire cabinets in buildings and plants. NFPA 1961 standards shall be observed in production and assembly to insure quality and durability.

Jacket Construction
The jackets will be woven evenly and be free of defects, including knots, lumps, or unsightly disfigurations that could jeopardize the integrity of the hose assembly. The warp and filler yarns shall consist of 100% virgin polyester to reduce weight and increase flexibility.

The lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic polyurethane to resist ozone and increase tensile strength characteristics. The polyurethane tube shall adhere to the jacket to prevent delamination. The use of polyurethane lined fire hose is designed to increase packing ability and interior firefighting applications where lightweight fire hose is desired.


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