Industrial LDH
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Industrial LDH The workhorse of industrial hoses, featuring a rugged and reliable construction that has it all — heat/cold, chemical and ozone resistant.

The nitrile/PVC through-the-weave design with smooth, reinforced inner liner that allows the hose to expand under pressure — increasing water flow and keeping friction loss to a minimum. The ribbed nitrile rubber cover lowers drag force and increases resistance to abrasion, oil, fuel and a wide range of chemicals. Industrial LDH features an oversized inner diameter that is engineered to fit most couplings. Easy to deploy and easy to store, available in continuous lengths of up to 300'.

Industrial LDH shall carry a 2-year written warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


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Diameter Part No. Service Test Proof Test Burst Test Weight Uncoupled
4" RC40-500 250 psi 500 psi 750 psi 0.74 lbs/ft
6" RC60-300 150 psi 300 psi 450 psi 1.20 lbs/ft
8" RC80-300 150 psi 300 psi 450 psi 1.95 lbs/ft
10" RC100-300 150 psi 300 psi 450 psi 2.95 lbs/ft

• Industrial LDH is made from 100% high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn, circularly woven and completely protected by a through-the-weave extruded PVC/Nitrile rubber, forming a single homogeneous construction without the use of glues or adhesives of any type.
• Industrial LDH is guaranteed to withstand 10,000 cycles on the Taber Abrasion Machine (H‑22 Wheel: 0.5 kg), without exposing the liner.
• Engineered to perform in any environment, Industrial LDH can withstand surface temperatures from 1200 °F to -35 °F.
• Industrial LDH coupling options as specified by purchaser. Designed to accept Pierce, Bauer, USC Hi‑Flow, Victaulic field replaceable or crimped couplings.

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As required by purchaser. Hose designed for Pierce, Bauer, USC Hi-Flow, Victaulic field replaceable or crimped couplings.

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